I began this art collection in the midst of my transition from Melbourne to Dubai. Although I had never lived in Dubai, my visits there had always sparked a sense of wonder in me. The warm weather, expansive desert landscapes, lush palm trees, and unique architecture captivated my imagination and filled me with anticipation for this new chapter in my life. I wanted to capture that excitement and sense of discovery in this collection. Dominated by pinks, greens, and warm tones, each piece reflects my vibrant enthusiasm and the rich, colorful impressions that Dubai left on me. This collection is a celebration of new beginnings and the exhilarating promise of uncharted adventures.

Mini Paintings

To kickstart this collection, I began by painting four small artworks. These initial pieces served as a foundation, allowing me to explore and experiment with color, composition, and themes inspired by my new surroundings. Each artwork captures a different facet of my journey, from the vibrant hues of desert landscapes to the intricate patterns of Middle Eastern architecture. Tied closely to my Middle Eastern heritage, these small paintings not only set the tone for the larger collection but also encapsulate the excitement and creativity that this new chapter in my life brings. Through these pieces, I aim to honor and reflect the rich cultural tapestry that is an integral part of my identity.

Found My Oasis

Mirage (Sold)

Tell Me A Story

Once Upon A Time

Did Something catch your eye?

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Experimenting with this style, I extended the collection to include homewares, merging art with everyday life. One standout piece is a decorative dish adorned with intricate palm tree designs. This dish captures the essence of the collection, blending vibrant hues and delicate patterns reminiscent of Middle Eastern landscapes. It’s a perfect fusion of functionality and artistry, bringing a touch of the exotic and the serene into any home setting.

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