“Emerging” is an art collection that explores the dynamic interplay between realism and abstraction. Each piece features a meticulously painted botanical form juxtaposed against an abstract background of energetic brushstrokes. The botanical object appears to “emerge” organically from the vibrant chaos of the backdrop, creating a striking visual contrast. This collection celebrates the beauty of nature while capturing the essence of transformation and emergence, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of realism and abstraction in art.

Standing Tall

Standing Tall by contemporary artist Maria Al Zoubi

Standing Tall

See Me In A Crown

“See Me in A Crown,” part of the “Emerging” collection, is a captivating artwork that blends realism with abstraction. In this piece, an aloe vera plant is meticulously painted to resemble a crown, symbolizing both natural beauty and regal elegance. The botanical form emerges gracefully from an abstract background filled with dynamic brushstrokes, creating a sense of movement and energy. Sold as a part of the collection, commissions are welcomed to explore similar themes of juxtaposition and transformation. Each commissioned piece promises to capture the essence of nature’s beauty in a unique and personalized way.

See Me in A Crown (Sold)

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You’re A Rockstar

“You’re A Rockstar,” another standout in the “Emerging” collection, boasts a bold and edgy color palette that commands attention. This artwork juxtaposes a realistically painted subject against an abstract background of vibrant and daring hues. The piece captures the essence of confidence and vibrancy, as if the subject itself exudes a rockstar-like charisma. Each brushstroke and color choice amplifies the energy and dynamism of the composition, making it a striking addition to any art collection.

You’re A Rockstar

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